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Workshop on Model United Nations

A sparkling number of 125 Rotaractors, gathered at ICBT Auditorium on 02 September 2018, with the passion to enlighten themselves on how they can contribute to resolving world issues. It was a full day workshop organized by the Rotaract District Committee in partnership with the National Youth Model United Nations Committee 2018 under the Rotaract avenue of professional development.

Initially, the workshop exposed the Rotarctors to the foundations of the United Nations and its operational structure. Consequently, they were taught how to actively participate in reviewing current global issues and formulating timely solutions through brain-stimulating activities. These interactive and thought-provoking sessions sparked an interest among Rotaractors to actively look into
world issues and increase their public speaking and debating skills. Also, it refined diplomatic qualities of
Rotaractors, added value to their personalities and sharpened their skills of communication and analytical thinking.

It also marked the first step of a long journey of moulding the ideal future leaders well versed with the concept of Model United Nations as it paved the way to send in a Rotaract delegation for the National Youth Model United Nations Conference 2018. It was also an opportunity to identify potential Rotaractors to organize a Rotaract Model UN Conference in future.

The event participated exclusively by Rotaractors, was enlivened by the honored presence of Youth Service Chairman – Rtn PHF G.S. Sylvester and District Rotaract Committee Chairperson Rtn. PHF. Sathiyeandra Tharmakularajasingham.

Rotaract 3220 Editorial Team

Rotaract 3220 Editorial Team

The editorial team consists of the wonderful group of people led by District Editors.

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