‘STOP THE SPREAD – Beyond COVID-19’, is a collective effort of the dynamic Rotaract community in Sri Lanka to address effects of the pandemic across health, economic, and social sectors, ultimately contributing to the country being ranked among the top to manage the pandemic effectively.

The effects of the pandemic were felt across a multitude of sectors. The overall objective of initiating the project was to assist the national COVID-19 control efforts via addressing the different aspects that were affected. One intention was to educate the general public about safety protocols to be followed to arrest the spread of the virus, as well as to break the social stigma that had been built around being infected. Awareness sessions were conducted in forms of webinars, street dramas, in-person workshops, handouts, and social media & mass media campaigns for diverse audiences including schools, universities, shopping malls, companies, religious places, hotels, public transportation etc. to educate general public on safeguarding from the virus. A partnership was formed with Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLSI) to educate organizations about strengthening their premises against spread of COVID-19 and direct them to obtain SLS 1672:2020 certification, while also donating infrastructure and equipment to entities including hospitals and schools, to achieve safety.

Entities around the island were supported to equip themselves with the necessary infrastructure and knowledge to enable their surrounding and stakeholders to keep safe from COVID-19. Furthermore, observing the downfall of the national economy, it was also intended to support micro-economic activity to be refuelled, adapting to the rapid changes in market and industry trends. Small scale businesses which collapsed due to the pandemic were supported to adapt to e-commerce to continue operations, and assistance was provided for those who had been laid off to kickstart new ventures. Relief was provided for families in locked-down areas with assistance of the governmental and non-governmental organizations to fulfill their daily needs. Professionals were educated about changes in the industry and how to adapt to those, so that they can equip themselves with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure job security in post-pandemic context and during the transitional time period.

Another objective was to support the individuals and families who were located in areas under lockdown to survive through the pandemic and to assist those who had lost their sources of income to adapt to other alternatives. In doing so, it was intended to utilize the strength of all Rotaract clubs in the District, such that the effects of the project are widespread both in terms of geographical coverage as well as magnitude.



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