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Rotaract Treasurers Training Workshop

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The role of a treasurer is absolutely imperative to the efficient functioning of a Club. A treasurer acts as a watchdog over every aspect of managing a club’s finances and is responsible for its accounts.

The Workshop initiated under the avenue of Human Resource Development stemming from the professional development avenue was conducted on the 6th of February 2019 at Coco Space, Colombo.

The event marked the participation of 33 participants holding the positions of treasurer and assistant treasurer of 23 Clubs across the Country. It was led by the District’s pro bono coordinator Rtr. Jeya Pradeep where the participants were briefed on financial statements, bookkeeping and settling finances as a Rotaract year draws to an end.

The participants were informed of the good practices when maintaining accounts and the procedure to follow for hassle-free financial management. It was explained that in the capacity of a treasurer, one plays as an information and reference point for any person chairing a project and its committee members, clarifying the financial implications of proposals, outlining the current financial status of the club, assisting the Project Chair to prepare the project’s budget and retrieving the relevant documentation.

In other words, the participants were educated in their responsibility of overseeing and presenting budgets and statements to the executive committee and the board of directors of the Club, liaising with them in planning projects and fundraisers as required, advising the Board on financial implications and strategic plans and ensuring that the record keeping is done up to date.

The Workshop received positive feedback from the participants, as they extended their gratitude for enabling them to resolve doubts they had in terms of club accounts. The team was commended for organizing such an event in the middle of the Rotaract year, as it enables the participants to identify better what they need to work on to improve their role play and effective financial report submissions at the end of the year.

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