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Role of youth in achieving the 2030 Sustainbility Development Agenda

As the world counts three years of adopting the 2030 sustainability development agenda, Rotaract Sri Lanka together with the Sustainable Education Foundation introduced the novel experience of taking part in a webinar to the Rotaract community.

Primarily focusing on the role of youth in the 2030 sustainability agenda, the very first webinar was held on the 29th of August 2018 through facebook live, to widen the discourse on sustainable development among the youth of Sri Lanka.

It was facilitated by Siamak Sam Loni, the global coordinator of the Sustainable Development Solution Network. He coordinates all global youth and student activities in the network, including the Local Pathways Fellowship, the Global Schools Program, the SDG Student Program and the Youth Solutions Community. He also helps coordinate efforts to mobilize global funding and resources to close the SDG financing gap through Sustainable Development initiative – Move Humanity, which is a newly financed venture in SDSN.

During the one hour long webinar, he enumerated the many atrocities humans have committed during the short span of survival on Earth, the modern day youths’ capacity to adhere to lifestyle patterns that would lead to Sustainable development Goals and made aware how they can contribute towards Sustainable Development Education.

The session concluded with an interactive session where the viewers who joined through Facebook live engaged with the speaker through Facebook comments. The interest shown by the viewers to share their thoughts and concerns is indicative of hope in achieving the sustainability development goals.

Rotaract 3220 Editorial Team

Rotaract 3220 Editorial Team

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