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REFLECTIONS: The Photography Workshop For Rotaractors

The first project for the year was carried out under the avenue of Human Resource Development, stemming from the avenue of Professional Development on 22nd of July 2018 in Colombo and Jaffna simultaneously.

Organized with the support of Rotaract Clubs of Chulipuram, Manipay, Universities of Sri Jayawardenapura and Kelaniya as well as the event partners Now You See ME and JK Dreams Studio, project REFLECTIONS was for all Rotaractors who wish to pursue a career in photography and realize their silent passion of capturing fleeting yet singular moments in their lives. Thus, the main objective was to enhance and add value to the photographic skills of the Rotaractors and ignite a passion for photography at either professional or amateur levels.

The project was executed in 3 phases in which the first phase focused on exposing the Rotaractors on “How to use a DSLR/Smartphone camera” to take the most impressive photographs. Each participant was given ample time during the workshop to decipher the operation of the camera.

The second phase was a more practical session in which the Rotaractors got the opportunity to apply theory into practice. They were grouped and divided under 5 categories of photography, namely Architecture, Food, Candid, Street, and Landscape. Each group was given specific locations based on the category to capture a minimum of 5 good photographs using their newly found knowledge and skills.

As nothing gets closer to perfect unless its completed, the third phase provided insight on how to edit and add the final touch to make the photographs more presentable. The facilitators also provided the Rotaractors with tips on how to market their skill and talent through their photography on social media platforms.

Finally, the photographs taken by the participants were evaluated and given constructive feedback by the event facilitators. The participants who found the workshop to be extremely helpful and interesting expressed their sincere gratitude to the organizers for providing them the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Rotaract 3220 Editorial Team

Rotaract 3220 Editorial Team

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