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Project Serve: Disease Prevention

“You don’t have to be Positive to think Positive”.

In support of the Rotary International focus area on Disease Prevention and Global Goals for Sustainable Development, Rotaract Sri Lanka and Maldives advocated for disease prevention under the initiative ‘Project Serve’ with the primary aim of raising awareness on HIV/ AIDS. This invaluable community service initiative was jointly co-hosted by the Rotaract Clubs of Nallur Heritage and Jaffna Midtown with the support of Jaffna Teaching Hospital on the 24th of November 2018.

The Project comprised of a trilingual Public Relations (PR) campaign sharing knowledge among Sri Lankans to raise awareness and break the stigma of people getting themselves inspected by doctors, to avoid the consequential danger since ‘Prevention is always better than cure’.

This was followed by a Walk, which marked the participation of around 400 youth volunteers, frontline leaders, students, professionals and locals. It is significant to note that it is the first time a District project took place in Jaffna in such grandeur scale. It commenced from the Bus Stand in Jaffna Town and was concluded at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, enlightening people about the battle against HIV/ AIDS and objectification of patients affected by the same with the taglines “Get Informed”, “Get Tested” and “Get Involved”.

Next on the agenda was an awareness session in which Dr. Tharani Guruparan, Medical Officer for STD Unit in Jaffna Hospital who was a key figure behind this campaign, providing greater insight to the audience on HIV/AIDS by delivering a status report on HIV/ AIDS in Sri Lanka and Asia. In addition, an inspiring speech was delivered by the Director of the Hospital in support of the cause.

Further, an Empowerment program was proposed to be carried out via the Hospital for the affected individuals and their families. This was effectuated by the donation of essentials to develop a livelihood and linking them up with customers and companies to purchase the goods they produce.

As explained by Rtr. Thareef, the Joint Community Service Director of the Rotaract District Steering Committee, “For example, if they are doing Juki, then we will link them up with buyers” in order to ensure the sustainability of the Project.

Moreover, a documentary was planned to be made and released as another PR initiative. It shall showcase the views of Doctors, opinions of patients affected on getting due treatment, the objectification they had to face and ifficulties encountered in the battle against HIV/ AIDS in Sri Lanka. The Project was concluded on a success note, rendering another effective service towards the community by Rotaract Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Rotaract 3220 Editorial Team

Rotaract 3220 Editorial Team

The editorial team consists of the wonderful group of people led by District Editors.

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