WHAT IS Professional Development?

The avenue of Professional Development mainly focuses on the individual development of the membership of Rotaract District 3220. It could be your own club membership or outside club members as well as the youth in the country as a whole. It can be identified that the professional development branches out mainly to the following areas.

  • Training and Skills Development – Training workshops and active learning sessions to enhance the skills required on a professional platform, including leadership skills, communication, strategic thinking, project management skills, software tools etc.
  • Personal Development – Identifying the personal strengths, weaknesses, Personal branding, Work life balance, physical and mental wellbeing, Social dancing, Personal Grooming and dining etiquette.
  • Career Guidance – CV writing/interview tips, career fairs or networking opportunities and aiming to directly or indirectly assist to bridge the gap between the professional world and the youth.


“Rebranding Rotaract as a professional network for the youth”


“Enhancing the skills and capabilities of Rotaractors by providing inspiration, guidance and opportunities for personal development, as well as assisting in career development, thus making Rotaract the network hub of young professionals in Sri Lanka”

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  • Rtr. Shehani Leo (Director – Corporate Partnerships) – 0776031024
  • Rtr. Sahan Gunasekara (Joint Director – Public Relations) – 0778446865

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  • info@rotaract3220.org
  • drr@rotaract3220.org
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