Professional Development

SDSN Webinar

Sustainable Development Network Solutions Webinars is a series of webinars aimed at widening the discourse on 2030 sustainable development agenda.  It is an open platform for youth to engage in constructive intellectual discussion with the experts in the field connecting via Facebook live.

The latest webinar was facilitated by Siamak Sam Loni, the global coordinator of the Sustainable Development Solution Network who centred the discussion around “Role of youth in the 2030 sustainable development agenda”.

NYMUN Workshop

Particularly built upon the Rotary focus areas peace and conflict resolution and economic and community development, the National Youth Model United Nations Workshops are conducted to cater to the dire need of the world of proactive leaders with qualities of humanity.

These workshops conducted exclusively for Rotaractors by renowned experts provide a sound understanding on the UN structure, its concepts, and builds personality, communication and public speaking skills and refine diplomatic qualities of the Rotaractors.

The participant Rotaractors are also provided the opportunity to be a part of the Rotaract delegation representing Rotaract at National Youth Model United Nations Conference which is held annually.