The International Service Avenue comprises activities that members do to advance international understanding, goodwill, and peace by fostering acquaintance with people of other countries, their cultures, customs, accomplishments, aspirations, and problems, through reading and correspondence, and through cooperation in all club activities and projects designed to help people in other lands.

In line with the Rotary theme for years 2021-22, “Serve to Change Lives”, the International Service team will aim to widen our reach across borders, efficiently broadening the horizons of our Rotaractors while positively impacting communities around the globe to make life a living masterpiece.


“To reach out across physical boundaries around the globe with the aim of expanding our scope of
connectivity. We aim at inspiring people across communities while using International Services as a
base to commence projects on Community Service, Professional Development, Co-existence, etc. in
an international arena.”


“As we journey towards the completion of our vision, prior to reaching out to the communities at large, it is important that the concept of building and maintaining international relationships is grasped. In order to achieve the stated, it is of utmost importance that cultural sensitivity is inculcated amongst us Rotaractors.It is also essential that we acknowledge and regard the fact that every community consists of various beliefs and value systems. On accomplishing the above, we will head towards building sustainable friendships across borders and we will also be sensitive towards the various needs of these communities whilst we lend a hand to ensure we prosper together”

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Rtr. Luckshi Ranashinghe

Coordinator – Corporate Partnerships

By Digital Communication Team 2021-22
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