Human Resource Development


Reflections is a series of photography workshops aimed at enhancing photography skills of Rotaractors whether on an amateur or professional level to pursue their dreams of Photography.

Conducted by renowned experts in the field, the workshops encompass a comprehensive curriculum providing sound knowledge from theory to practical expertise, editing and presenting the photographs captured.

The competitions provide the necessary environment to practice, evaluate and receive real-time feedback on their photography skills from the experts themselves.


CICERO is a knowledge sharing workshop and competition designed with the main aim of enhancing and developing public speaking skills of Rotaractors from a career centred perspective.

Consisting of two components, the interactive workshops offer the Rotorarctors the opportunity to immerse themselves in both theoretical and practical knowledge on public speaking whereas the competitions which are held subsequently provides the opportunity to enhance their oratorical skills through practice.

The workshops are designed in par with the CC level qualification in Toastmasters to ensure that the required standards are met.


Bizwigs is a blend of knowledge sharing workshops and mentorship programs that aims to bridge the gap between young talented Sri Lankans and the entrepreneurial spirit. It intends to familiarize aspiring entrepreneurs with the know-how of handling all financial aspects of their business and to help them acquire crucial skills including networking, interpersonal skills and leadership.

Rotaractors are given the opportunity to present their business ideas and plans of implementation in teams and receive constructive feedback and guidance from the professionals to best initiate their business ideas.

Rotaract Treasurer’s Workshop

Rotaract Treasurers training workshop is a tailor made workshop exclusively for treasurers of Rotaract clubs to equip them with the necessary skill and knowledge to best execute their roles as treasurers.

Apart from providing an in depth understanding on financial statements, bookkeeping and settling finances, Rotaractors are exposed to best practices and techniques of hassle-free financial management.

It also provides the opportunity for the Rotaract treasurer’s to receive advice on resolving specific issues they’ve encountered in handling their club finances.

Cookery Workshop - Something's Cooking

Something’s cooking is a knowledge sharing workshop designed to renew the passion in baking, curated by industry experts. It introduced the art of baking and decorating cakes and provided a hands-on demonstration on becoming a successful pastry connoisseur by experienced chefs.

It provides the platform for Rotaractors with the dream of initiating their own restaurants to develop the culinary skills required and better understand the functionalities of a culinary business.