Club Service

Orientation Programmes

Orientation Programmes are conducted to all the members who are newly recruited to the movement with the aim of familiarizing them about Rotaract, its focus areas, the inherent capacity of Rotaract to make a global impact and the benefits Rotaract has to offer to members.

Organized upon the request of the clubs these programmes are conducted by the Rotaract District Steering Committee to clubs either individually or in conjunction with several clubs.

These sessions are one of the first occasions in which opportunity is bequeathed upon newly recruited members to groom themselves as true Rotaractors.

Outstation Visits

As Rotaract Sri Lanka and Maldives has currently extended its services to 7 provinces in the Island the outstation visits are the official visits organized by the Rotaract District Steering Committee under the leadership of the District Rotaract Representative to visit the clubs outside the western province.

These visits shall include participation in the installations and other initiatives scheduled to take place during the visit in these Zones. It facilitates inter-regional social harmony and paves way for Rotaractors from different provinces to strengthen their networks to accomplish future endeavours.

Cluster Projects

Cluster projects are a strategic initiative of the movement to unify the clubs spanning across 7 geographic provinces in the Island to initiate sustainable projects. It also encourages efficient distribution and utilization of the limited resources available.

Currently, over 68 clubs are clustered into 9 clusters allowing cross-coordination among diverse clubs situated in different regions.