The Journey of Making Life a Living Masterpiece

One after the other, Rotaractors were handpicked since the month of January 2021. Gradually, we helped pick some more for the rollercoaster ride known as the district steering committee of the year 2021-22.

The inaugural meeting for the DEXCO for the year 2021-22 with Brains of 2021-22 🇱🇰🇲🇻was held on the 31st of January 2021 with a “yet again“.

The next on the to-do-list was to build up our army; the core strength of the brains, the beloved DRR and the entire Rotaract movement of the RID 3220 Sri Lanka and Maldives.

The faces were new, and some names were heard for the first time, but we got to know each other as we prepped for the new year. Thereafter, we called for interest letters for PETS & SETS and Rotaract District Assembly with the hope that Covid would let us breathe, but, it had its plans. While we were preparing ourselves to face this, we would notice sometimes Abi being so silent and Hasitha’s unique smile during meetings.

In one meeting in April, the brains handed over the babies of the year to respective Brains to be pampered.

Then came DOTS, where the DISCO presented the way forward of their respective avenues and bonded over a roasting competition. Moreover, without much hesitation, our very own drama series’ initial episode (at least one episode per month up until now) started off in April. We believe we all acted on that in style. Thisura’s hunt of finding the culprits behind the long meetings on firebolt began here, and Nishika’s Hermione moments too…

May was eventful with virtual PETS & SETS (all credits to COVID) and preps for Assembly. The key point being that we could pull off a virtual assembly (again, the credits go to COVID) but, we missed that one big DISCO picture at assembly.

The year was filled with learnings, fun, drama, laughter, tearful moments, mind-boggling situations, people finding replacements and being busy. The team constantly was busy after assembly for ADTS and the line of work. We enjoyed noticing Dhanuka leave meetings as soon as we say ‘bye’ (now we fall asleep during meetings and hear noises of snoring) and Jalak’s A.K. Thanuja’scute smile.

Then came the DRR visits, another place where we got to meet the lovely strength of Rotaract in RID 3220 to be inspired by them. The year went on with many initiatives like e-arena, estuary, PD sessions, installations, are we there yet, TCF, sustainability summit, fellowship visits to other zones, TSL visits, Peasanam, partnership with TASS, and so much more. A definite memorable part of this was our dearest Nime’s and Rivi’s දුම් දාන moments as they went through every clubs’ accounts.

RCL began, yaaayyy…

Not to forget, but everything that could have happened to a project happened to RCL – preponed, postponed, divided into phases; a couple of phases happened on the same day in 2 places which are 300km+ apart, faced covid, faced a financial crisis, and finally got cancelled.

Yes yes! Our Brains were squeezing their brains but faced it with their head held high. 

Our sergeant-at-arms’ hidden talent of being in the moment was also evident throughout the Jaffna visit where we got to enjoy the hospitality of our friends from the North. It was also educational as we learned about Pongal through Peasanam Thaipongal celebrations.

One of the main things we wanted was to have a physical Conference. Our warrior, along with මාමේ and නැන්දේ team, made sure to give a memorable conference for all the Rotaractors of RID 3220; a memorable selfie was also taken through the disco iPhone which was sponsored by සත්මා දේවී.

Have you noticed a roller coaster slowing after an adventurous and thrilling ride? Yes, it has to end the journey, so it gets slow towards the end, but no! We did not slow down yet! We are Rotaractors, and we are exceptional. 

Proving that we have more in store, we brought to you Heyday. A fun-filled night for the Rotaract District Council for the year 2021-22 and the incoming Council for the year 2022-23. Now we are here with the hope of meeting you all on the 2nd of July as the brains of the DISCO of 2021-22, to appreciate all your efforts.

This is the roller coaster ride where we were on the mission to “make life a living masterpiece” together; we learned, were inspired, inspired others and enjoyed to the core. This is not us saying අපි තමාහොඳටම කරේ, but us saying අපි අපේ විදිහට හොඳටම කරා. The journey started with a lot of yet again (s), left the meeting moments, 8+ hour-long meetings (there were no short meetings; the shortest meeting was 3 hours long, these days meetings are 12+ hours long), sleeping during meetings, Akhila being Mr. Cool and so many things which we cannot mention here and forget.

This ride hits the finish line here by handing over the baby from Thanamalwila Unites to Mr. Worldwide and the crew, and wishing Ahamed and the team a prosperous year ahead! 

Not to mention, you will never be alone; we are here for you always; just one call away.

End of the day, the winner is Rotaract; loads of love and wishes to the future of Rotaract.


On behalf of the Brains and the District Steering Committee for the year 2021-22

Rtn. Rtr. PP. Mohomed Rehan

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