Prosper Through Service

Interact is Rotary’s service club for individuals aged between 12-19, primarily school children. This movement was founded in 1962 and has grown into a global movement in less than a century, impacting even our little island nation Sri Lanka. Interact in Rotary International District 3220, Sri Lanka and Maldives consists of nearly 5000 enthusiastic youngsters from around the country. The interactors are assembled from several zones across the nation. Namely, Colombo, Kandy, Kurunegala, Negombo, Galle, Gem City, Tea Country, Jaffna and Kegalle. The Rotarians of District 3220 have also been highly instrumental in the Interact District’s continued successes over the course of the years.

Each year the Interactors in District 3220 comes forward with a number of projects that define all what Interact stands for as a movement. The projects are organized with the intention of reaching out to the various communities within the country as well as symbolizing our inherent identities of being Sri Lankans. Projects such as the district festival celebrations are annual projects and have grown from strength to strength over the decades.

This year, under the leadership of District Interact Representative Int. Murthaaz Barry, the Interact movement in Sri Lanka and Maldives is working towards the future with the objective of “Prosper through Service”.

31st Interact District Assembly

Let’s get to know about few signature projects of Interact.

A few signature projects of Interact District 3220 include.

  • Stop the Spread – A number of posters consisting of various quotes and advice from athletes around the country on the COVID-19 pandemic, were shared on social media.
  • I Pledge – A PR campaign including pledges from famous personalities around the country, each pledging to adhere to the appropriate COVID-19 guidelines put in place.
  • Back to School – This project was conducted in partnership with Rotaract, Rotary and the Ministry of Education. Interact District 3220 was entrusted with overseeing and fostering a safe learning environment for over 75 schools. 
  • Thai Pongal Celebrations – Under the slogan “Harvesting Happiness for the New Year,” the Interact District Council organized and held ‘District Thai Pongal’ celebrations for the first time.
Thai Pongal Celebrations
  • Inter EVEThe project was aimed at debunking any misapprehensions about the Interact movement that school Principals and staff advisors held. 
  • Hajj and Diwali – This is an annual project of Interact in Rotary International District 3220 and is also one of the largest district projects of the year.
  • Truth be told Controversial and tabooed topics are discussed and brought into the spotlight under this project. These topics were addressed via a webinar and allowed participants to openly express their thoughts and feelings.
  • District Christmas Celebration This is another annual project of Interact in Rotary International District 3220 and has been in continuity for a few years. The project’s prime motive is to give each and every individual to enjoy and embrace the spirit of Christmas.
  • Ekataract – This is a brand-new initiative spearheaded by Interact in Rotary International District 3220 and the purpose being to strengthen the bond between the Interactors and Rotaractors within the country.
  • Launch the Interact District 3220 website The Interact District launched its official website on the 23rd of January 2022. Interactors and other well-wishers will be able to keep up with the Interact District’s projects and progress via the website.
Launching the official website

Over the decades, enthusiastic Interactors have become successful Rotaractors, and this flow continues to this day. The ideas, perspectives and motives of serving the movement are redefined regularly by the actions of those serving in the movement. This might someday lead to these individuals taking up their seats as proud Rotarians and they could impart their knowledge on the movement to the next generation of Interactors. This is nothing short of a beautiful lifelong journey that will stir up an eternal oasis of wonderful memories.

Interact, Rotaract and Rotary in Rotary International District 3220 standing united under one umbrella is a sheer testament to the wonders we can achieve together as a nation. 

Penned by Rtr. Aakil Riyaz in collaboration with the District Editorial Team

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