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Rotaract Sri Lanka & Maldives is an all in one hub for inclusive youth development and plays a key role in transforming the young dreams into sustainable action.

Rotaract is committed to raise a new generation of young people that will be the builder of a better society.

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Club Service is the fundamental building block of a Rotaract Club. The avenue particularly focusses on networking and peer understanding. Rotaract which brings together ambassadors of service progresses through the power of networking.

International Service

International Service primarily focuses on global outreach and cultural understanding. Projects are designed exclusively to meet the humanitarian needs of people across borders by getting acquainted with people of other countries, their cultures & aspirations.

Community Service

Community Service is the heart of Rotaract. Young leaders make positive change through humanitarian efforts that help Urban, Rural communities and others who look to Rotaract as a source of hope for a better life.

Professional Development

Professional Development is a vital avenue in Rotaract that promotes high ethical standards in business & profession. Rotaract recognizes the worthiness of knowledge sharing and fostering skills in the pursuit of all vocations.

Core Avenues of Services

International Service

Peace and cooperation between nationalities, cultures, and races being a crucial need of the hour, the movement aims to cultivate tolerance, empathy, and understanding of rotaractors towards each other across borders and oceans.

Professional Development

The specialty and uniqueness of the movement lies within the personality and charisma of the rotaractors who form the movement. The movement gives special focus to foster the skills, talents, and personality of the rotaractors and advances their opportunities for career development.

Club Service

A club is nothing without its members. The members being the greatest strength and driving force of all clubs, rotaract ensures all members who join the movement are unified into the rotaract family without discrimination of any sort.

Community Service

Having started the movement to serve the people, community service is the prime focus of Rotaract. The movement takes tremendous effort to upgrade the living standards and quality of life of the people.

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