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30th Rotaract District Assembly

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Enviromental Services

Community ServiceEnviromental Services


Supportive AvenuePartnerships

Public Relations

Supportive AvenuePublic Relations

Community ServiceEnvironmental Services

Learn how environmental services avenue tackles the key issues in relation to the environment in Sri Lanka


Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination

OutdoorOrnamental shrubs

We use only the best materials on the market. We aim to create a garden that you can enjoy.




BestsellersSansevieria Kirkii

Deschampsia flexuosa
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*All our plants are straight from the nursery

Upcoming EventsInstallations

Excited for the installations?, we have a list of the upcoming installations of july right here for you

Free delivery for large plants purchased in our nursery


Stay up to date on the latest on each avenue

  • Club Service
  • International Service
  • Professional Development
  • Community Service

Stay informed about upcoming events and past projects

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Partnerships +94 776 031 024 Shehani
Public Relations +94 778 446 865 Sahan

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